The World's Most Unusual (Mini) Golf Course

When my husband Chris and I started dating 10 years ago, we went on many mini golf dates; he loved to play "real" golf and I didn't, so mini golf was the happy compromise. We've loved mini golf ever since (even though I'm really not that great at it!)

This week we drove to Lincolnshire, IL to play a round at Par-King Skill Golf, which bills itself as "The World's Most Unusual Golf Course." Publications have also dubbed it as one of the best courses in the country. They have two courses within the park; one is for smaller groups, and one is designated for larger groups, so that you never have to wait long to move on to the next hole. 

Our favorite hole was one that had a rollercoaster (see below) for your ball to ride - it went up an elevator, down through the ramps of a coaster, and out onto the green. Each hole was unique and fun.

To save myself some embarrassment, I won't post our very different scores here, but we had a great time and will defin…

Kane County Flea Market

"Best in the Midwest or Anywhere!" is what the Kane County Flea Market boasts. I visited last week for the first time ever, and I'd have to agree.

Chris and I had a fun time strolling up and down aisles, digging through boxes, and exploring every inch of the Kane County Flea Market, which spans both indoors and outdoors. We walked away with some vintage fishing items; our porch is decorated with a fishing theme, so Chris really enjoyed that. We had fun shopping and hanging out at the flea market.

According to their website, the flea market has been in St. Charles, IL since 1967. It's the perfect place to find antique furniture, fun smalls, and even lots and lots of flowers. 

Cadillac Ranch

Ohh, Cadillac Ranch. I fell in love with you.

Cadillac Ranch is a unique roadside attraction in Amarillo, Texas. Ten Cadillacs covered in graffiti take us back to the "golden era" of American automobiles, while giving us a great photo opp.

This article gives us great info about the background of the art installation, which was created in 1974. Although my dad and I forgot to pack spray paint for our visit, he found a half-used can left behind, and I left my mark on a car with a hot pink heart. We had fun trudging through the mud to see this classic American tourist stop, and I'd happily visit again.

I'll let my photos do the talking.

The Big Texan

Yup, everything's bigger in Texas.

My first visit to the Lone Star state included breakfast at The Big Texan restaurant in Amarillo. Although it is home to the famous 72 ounce steak challenge at dinnertime, my dad and I enjoyed checking out the decor over a delicious breakfast one Saturday morning.

The restaurant is massive, the portions are massive, and the decor is out of this world. I'd love to go back for dinner sometime. Highly recommend The Big Texan.

Pit Stop: Dodge City, KS

Dad and I didn't have much time to spend in Dodge City, but we were able to pop in and take some photos.

Dodge City was named after the nearby Fort Dodge, and is reminiscent of the old "Wild West" town that it used to be. Today, it has grown into a thriving city with plenty of opportunities for tourists.

Downtown features the Boot Hill Museum, which is also home to a recreation of the downtown as it looked in 1876. Some of this was under construction during our brief visit. Dodge City was famous for Wyatt Earp, and many other "Wild West" stories.

Dodge City was also the setting for both the radio and television show "Gunsmoke," and my dad had his photo taken with a statue of U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon, a character from the show. 

Dodge City certainly has a lot of history and entertainment to offer.

Sod House & Museum in "Midway USA"

While traveling with my dad in Kansas, we passed through Kinsley, Kansas, also known as "Midway USA," thanks to this The Saturday Evening Post image.

We stopped at the quaint Sod House & Museum, which bills itself as the "best kept secret in Kansas." The museum features the authentic sod house, as well as antique toys, farming equipment, rare and unusual items, and much more.